Intermediary Directory


The Intermediary Directory is a publicly searchable database of pre-vetted and trained small- and medium-sized enterprises. Intermediaries included in the Intermediary Directory have completed a comprehensive due diligence process (Tcertification) or renewed their verified report within the last year. 


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TRAC Register


The TRAC Register is a publicly searchable online platform that enables the rapid exchange of baseline due-diligence information. Companies, partnerships, charities, and individuals listed in the TRAC Register have been granted a unique, 12-digit Tcompliance Registered Access Code (TRAC) within the last year. TRAC is a global identification system designed to quickly and cost-effectively establish a TRAC holder’s identity, address and other information; to allow the holder to share information with customers; and to allow companies to have real-time visibility into their supply chains.


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