Comprehensive screenings against thousands of sanctions, denied parties, Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) and government watchlists. Identification of ownership, business information and supply chain risks.


Denied parties and PEP screening with same-day results

Screens large volumes of names against denied parties and PEP databases. Names are searched against hundreds of global regulatory, watch and sanctions lists that are regularly updated.


Baseline due diligence and continuous screening

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Media and watchlist screening

Screens third parties against sanctions and government watchlists and assesses their reputation through a review and analysis of online and print media. The subject of the search is not contacted or involved in this screening.


Watchlist and sanctions database check, search and analysis of adverse media, litigation search, identification of ownership, collection of responses to abbreviated compliance questionnaire.


Streamlined due diligence review for faster onboarding

Collects and assesses responses to abbreviated version of our standard-setting questionnaire, and includes first tier ownership information, adverse media search in English and the local language, watchlist and sanctions database check, and Politically Exposed Persons screening.


Detailed and customizable screening options for higher risk relationships that include identification of true beneficial ownership, analysis of comprehensive compliance
questionnaire and completion of anti-bribery training.


A detailed due diligence review that eliminates screening costs for multinational companies.

Collects and assesses responses to ourstandard-setting questionnaire; includes truebeneficial ownership information, adversemedia search in English and the local language, litigation search, watchlists and sanctions database check, CVs of company owners and directors, subsidiary information, follow-up on identified red flags, evidence of a code of conduct and completion of anti-bribery training.

Custom-built due diligence review utilizing our standard-setting questionnaire or a company specific one. Choose from a list of separately priced components to build a review that reflects your compliance priorities and requirements.

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Bespoke due diligence

Custom-built due diligence review utilizing our standard-setting questionnaire or a company specific one. Choose from a list of separately priced components to build a review that reflects your compliance priorities and requirements.


On-the-ground due diligence

A deeper investigatory dive that combines
Tcertification with employee interviews, local
public records searches, site visits and a
comprehensive analysis of potential risks.

Tcompliance Third Party Management System (TPMS) is a scalable and easy-to-use platform for systemizing and managing due diligence on an unlimited number of third parties. Where other software vendors charge a licensing or setup fee for access to their platform, the TPMS is available to any Tcompliance Due Diligence customer free of charge. Intuitively designed with the compliance officer in mind, the platform makes it easier to automate compliance activities, assess third party risk, manage due diligence reviews, monitor third party relationships and track onboarding decisions. Fully customizable, the TPMS can be set up to reflect your business structure and compliance policies.

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Categorizing third parties by risk makes it easier to identify business relationships that may require heightened due diligence, monitoring or training. Companies around the world rely on Tsort to help them efficiently allocate compliance resources.

Tsort simplifies the collection and assessment of third party risk information through multilingual standard or customized questionnaires. The software integrates seamlessly with Tcompliance risk-based due diligence services, allowing users to designate risk tiers and initiate the due diligence process automatically upon completion of the assessment. Unlike other tools, Tsort does not require costly software modifications to implement configuration changes.

Manage third party risk in 5 easy steps with Tsort:


Use the Tsort questionnaire to quickly gather third party risk information


Customize the risk scoring algorithm to fit your company’s unique risk profile


Identify third party relationships that expose your company to heightened or new risks


Initiate risk-tiered due diligence reviews on third parties automatically


Maintain an auditable digital repository for every third party risk determination