A long-standing prohibition on the use of commercial intermediaries in Greek defense procurements relaxed

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The recent Law 4782/2021, which introduced a number of reforms to the Greek public procurement legal framework, has relaxed a long-standing prohibition on the use of intermediaries in military and defense procurements that was found in Law 3978/2011. In addition to the permissible use of professional consultant services by legal, tax, technical and financial advisors in relation to the military procurement contracts, companies are now allowed to use commercial agents that are subject to the Presidential Decree 219/1991 (the Greek implementation of 86/653/EEC on the use of bona fide commercial agents), which may extend to exclusive distributors and several other forms of commercial relationships, provided that there is an element of exclusivity and strong dependence between the parties. TRACE members are encouraged to view the updated Greek Country Bulletin in the TRACE Resource Center for more details.

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