Mitigate ESG Supply Chain Risk with TRAC

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ESG issues are quickly coming into focus and now considered critical to a business’s reputation and financial performance. Don’t let your supply chain leave you exposed to ESG risks including potential human rights, climate change and workplace diversity violations. For a comprehensive breakdown of ESG risks, download our white paper.


Start managing ESG risk by:

  • setting the right tone at the top for championing ESG issues;
  • working with your colleagues to see how you can incorporate ESG into your current compliance processes;
  • ramping up your capabilities for capturing, auditing and reporting data on your operations’ ESG factors; and
  • by using your third-party anti-bribery due diligence mechanisms to assess your exposure to environmental and human rights issues.


TRAC, our 48-hour due diligence screening, is an affordable solution for managing third party risk and ESG considerations. TRAC satisfies international due diligence requirements for lower risk third parties, covers ethics and social responsibility, and collects compliance certifications. And because TRAC allows third parties to share their profile with an unlimited number of companies, many are inclined to pay for it themselves saving you budget for higher risk intermediaries.

Learn how TRAC can enhance your procedures for supply chain due diligence.