TRACE e-Gov Portal

Tcompliance Third Party Management System (TPMS) is a scalable and easy-to-use platform for systemizing and managing due diligence on an unlimited number of third parties. Where other software vendors charge a licensing or setup fee for access to their platform, the TPMS is available to any Tcompliance Due Diligence customer free of charge. Intuitively designed with the compliance officer in mind, the platform makes it easier to automate compliance activities, assess third party risk, manage due diligence reviews, monitor third party relationships and track onboarding decisions. Fully customizable, the TPMS can be set up to reflect your business structure and compliance policies.

Housed within the TPMS are other essential compliance platforms provided by Tcompliance.


A fully customizable and automated third party risk assessment tool that integrates seamlessly with our risk-based due diligence services.


A searchable database of third party suppliers that have completed international baseline due diligence requirements. Access to profiles is complimentary with the supplier’s consent.


A searchable database of pre-vetted and trained third parties for hire. Tcertified Due Diligence reports for entities listed in the Intermediary Directory are available at no cost with the third party’s consent.